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 International Council-Japanese Tea hour!!!

Michelle Chang

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注冊日期 : 2008-09-05

發表主題: International Council-Japanese Tea hour!!!   周一 10月 06, 2008 11:58 pm

When: Thursday, Oct 9th
Where: Student Union, Room 208B
Time: 5:00-8:00 PM

JAPANESE Club + International Council

International Council and Japanese Club collaboration

Theme; Interacting groups through experiencing Real Japanese Taiko Drumming

Day1: Japanese Tea Hour October 9th, TR, MSU 208B 5-8pm;

Presentation about Taiko will be shown.

History about Taiko

Equipments to play Taiko

Manners at Taiko Dojo

Day2: Daytrip to Taiko Dojo

Sign-up for this event at Japanese Tea Hour! You will be invited to join a trip to Taiko Dojo here is Las Vegas! You will learn Taiko Drumming from Las Vegas Kaminari Taiko. Feel the strong power of Taiko!


Very Happy 有興趣或有空的人可以來唷!!!

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International Council-Japanese Tea hour!!!

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